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Our Approach

Whilst we understand these needs we also do believe that any training program in finance should not be trying to convert entrepreneurs to be accountant rather to understand how finance especially economy at large works i.e. macroeconomic factors to recording of transactions which is bookkeeping but, identifying the decisions entrepreneur has to make and prepare them to achieve their goals.

Our program integrates tax, legal, corporate finance, marketing, sales, financial management and accounting, because all these matters are linked and co-dependent to each other. Earning money is the results of having considered all these subjects to make informed decisions.

Our Methodology

We use Accelerated Learning process approach to deliver content. We combine reading, seeing, playing, hearing, saying and doing which guarantees average of 90% retention due to multisensory learning that combines left and right brain.

The environment is kept in high energy and interactive to ensure it is enjoyable and positive for participants especially with high energy music and money games which include different role players.

Adult Learning Principles

When conducting the training, GAD will remain cognisant of the unique learning requirements of adult learners to ensure that our training interventions are effective. All the training that is delivered will be based on the following premises:

  • Adults need to know why they need to learn something
  • Adults need to learn ‘experientially’
  • Adults approach learning as problem-solving
  • Adults learn best when the topic is of immediate value

Content Material Outcomes

The entrepreneurs will be provided with basic understanding financial terminology, finance function costing, pricing and prepare budget and projections.

a) Differentiate, understand and translate financial concepts to other business functions.

Key Possible Risks: None

b) Set up an appropriate finance function.

Key Possible Risks: None

c) Select appropriate financial management system/s for your business.

Key Possible Risks: None

d) Design financial controls in your business.

Key Possible Risks: None

e) Understand how financial performance and position measure business value.

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